Spiritually Inspired was founded based on the holistic way of treating dis-ease. The reasons why a person does not feel at his or her “best”, emotionally or physically, can be caused by imbalances  on a physical, emotional or spiritual level and should be treated accordingly.

Some of today’s illnesses are rooted in our disconnection from mother earth and from the light that gives us life. We hurry through life, over-valuing the material world and giving too little attention to our emotional and spiritual worlds.

Often we feel required to do things that go against our nature and we accept that this is necessary to “belong” in today’s world. Making these concessions creates blockages, irregularities, in our heart, soul, and finally in our body (from dis-ease to disease).

That is why Spiritually Inspired combines different techniques to support clients in making life changes:

Life Coaching
Crystal Healing
Soul Midwifery

A personalised program, based on the concerns and preferences of the clients is used for stress relief, empowerment, release of pain and grief, etc.